The Gateway for Kids

A Nonprofit Organization

Healthier Living Through Recreation

Executive Summary

The Gateway for Kids will build mountain resort snow and terrain parks in the customer’s neighborhood that initially feature snow sport experiences and activities, once only in distant mountain resort communities. The parks will grow to offer other year round sport opportunities such as mountain biking, wakeboarding and skate parks. The Gateway for Kids model is a fitting response to current industry and economic trends and is designed to support youth developmental asset building.

There is no question that fewer individuals and families are regularly visiting US ski areas primarily due to increasing costs of travel and participation. Ski area operators attempt to combat declining attendance by offering incentives and lower prices. The geographic location and incredibly high cost of operation limit efforts and financial success.

The Gateway for Kids model is unique in that it addresses the financial challenge for both the ski area owner/operator and its customers and has a focus on youth and connecting them to their community. This model has several strategic advantages that no other ski resort can duplicate and it incorporates a template and vision for summer activities.

The Gateway for Kids will offer opportunities for youth and their families to be engaged in healthy, outdoor activities supported by park staff as well as youth employment opportunities.

Our Mission

To create accessible and exciting family recreational facilities in urban settings that serve as a gateway to healthier living and youth developmental asset building.

Our Passion

The Gateway for Kids was founded with the fundamental intent to provide high-value, highest quality, recreational opportunities in urban markets bringing the resort to the people on public or private land while supporting youth asset building. These facilities will initially feature snow sport experiences and activities that were once only available in distant resort communities and will grow to offer other year round sport opportunities and opportunities to connect youth to their communities and healthy recreational opportunities.

Our Concept

The Gateway for Kids’ facilities will be structured with low overhead expenses and as a result, prices can remain low so the cost entry into the sport is ultimately passed onto the community. Our smaller and more nimble facilities can act quickly when the opportunity for opening operations arises. Ramp-up at our facilities can transpire in a matter of days as opposed to months. When winter hits, we act quickly and precisely. The Gateway for Kids invests in its team. Our employees are compensated with the goal of retention, not turnover. Long-term quality control over every aspect of the business is created through employee loyalty at every level. The Gateway for Kids wants to attract and retain local talent mentored by the best in the business. Most importantly, The Gateway for Kids, can offer both employment and recreation opportunities for youth to help keep them engaged in a healthy experience surrounded by a team and community that cares about them. The Gateway for Kids’ parks aim to simplify the experience down to what is important – a hassle-free sport experience that is priced right and provides an opportunity for youth engagement.

Our Products and Services

At the forefront of The Gateway for Kids is an opportunity to increase protective factors among youth by providing a healthy venue for both employment and recreation and by providing family-friendly fun. Our staff will be trained to support youth and help them engage in safe, healthy behaviors.

Research shows that improving and sustaining a safe physical environment in communities and creating spaces to strengthen social relationships is a promising youth violence strategy (University of Michigan). Additionally, according to the Search Institute there are building blocks of healthy development called developmental assets that help young children grow up healthy, caring and responsible, especially between the ages of 12-18 years old.

Creating a high-value product at a reasonable price is achieved through thoughtful capital investment and a bulletproof service strategy. Although the focus of our initial energy will be targeted on the snow sports experience, consideration is already underway for the facilities’ summer products. Due to the greater uncertainty for summer experiences (space requirements, topography, weather conditions, etc) the following details our primary winter products and services.

The Gateway for Kids will be community-tailored venues consisting of a high-yielding snow tubing operation and a ski and snowboard experience. This mix of traditional snow sports and a snow tubing activity will provide an exciting and thrilling time for every member of the family.

Skiing & Snowboarding Lessons and Rentals

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For guests looking to try skiing or snowboarding for the first time, lessons and rental packages will be offered in partnership with the local ski resorts. The snow sports enthusiast that no longer has the time or resources for the today’s large resort experience will find a welcoming facility that will re-kindle their passion for the sport they love.

Accessible Terrain For All Ablities

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For the die-hard local that wants a quick fix between weekends at the resort, challenging purpose-built features will be offered in the terrain parks. The Gateway for Kids offers guests of all abilities a chance to learn, progress, and enjoy winter activities in their community.

Family Friendly and Affordable

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It also provides for a family-focused healthy activity at a reasonable cost.

This mix of traditional snow sports and a snow tubing activity will provide an exciting and thrilling time for every member of the family.