Contact us ASAP! If the city fits our criteria, we will look into specific locations and begin working with local Parks and Recreation Department to discuss what is possible.

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Nope! Lights are used when needed (typically sunset to 9pm) and don’t contribute any more light pollution than a standard parking lot. Our snow machines are the quietest on the market and emit fewer decibles than a dishwashing machine.
Anything! Each location has a base of green grass. At a minimum, the park can be used for picnics and family fun during the off season. Depending on the location, the park can also be used for a ziplining course, water park, adventure park, and more!
Our current smallest park is built on 1.5 acres! Our park designers are experts at assessing how each location can reach its maximum potential while having the smallest amount of impact on the natural landscape.
A new location can be opened in as little as 6 months! Timelines for each projects vary depending on location, funding, and city approval.