Tickets & Season Passes

Tickets must be purchased/reserved online

Tickets/Reservations must be made 24 hours in advance (48 for groups of 10 or more); 1 hour in advance during weekends and school closures.

Gateway Parks is open for use only when reservations have been made, there is no guarantee that we will be open unless a reservation has been made.

Twilight Tubing

$ 20
Per Session - Ages 3-64 yrs old
  • Sessions

  • 9:00AM – 10:30AM
  • 7:30PM – 9:00PM

Daytime Tubing

$ 25
Per Session - Ages 3-64 yrs old
  • Sessions

  • 10:45AM – 12:15PM​
  • 12:30PM – 2:00PM
  • 2:15PM – 3:45PM​
  • 4:00PM – 5:30PM​
  • 5:45PM – 7:15PM

Season Pass

$ 159
Early Bird Season Pass (Before October 15): $129
  • Pass Perks

  • The season typically run first weekend in Dec through end of March. (this is determined by how busy we are, and not lack of snow)
  • Season pass holders still need to book their sessions online. Your pass comes with a code that will make your total $0 at check out.
  • Season pass holders are limited to booking 1 session per day, but if the session after the one they book isn’t full, they can stay as long as they want.
By purchasing or using this ticket, I agree and understand that skiing (which includes snowboarding, snowmobiling, and tubing) is hazardous. Conditions vary constantly because of weather changes and skier use, among other things. Obstacles also exist. Bare spots, bumps, moguls, stumps, forest growth, trees, debris, rocks, ice and variations in snow and terrain are present within this area. There are also manmade obstacles such as lift towers, poles, roads, trail markings, and snow making equipment. Snowmaking and snow grooming may be in progress at any time. There are also others using the mountain. Falls and collisions do occur. It is my responsibility to ski with care and in control at all times to reduce the risk of injury. I will observe all signs and other warnings and instructions. I expressly assume the risk that injury, damage, or death may result from these and other hazards of the sport. I further agree that I will make no claim against the area its owners, employees or contractors for any harm resulting from these risks. I agree that this ticket may be revoked without refund at any time for misconduct or nuisance.

Season Typically Runs from first weekend in


through the end of


This could change depending on how busy we are and not for lack of snow

Discount & Gift Card Information


Group Discounts not available during winter break (Dec 18 – Jan 2)

Gift Card

Unredeemed Gift Cards will be accepted in subsequent years.